About Genius Video

Genius Video provides a gateway to patient engagement, serving as an on-demand extension of the healthcare provider by enhancing patient safety, education and bridging the communication gap that is eroding the healthcare industry.

 With significant transformation underway in healthcare, our videos work to improve health literacy with a personalized touch.  

Founded by Emmy award winning experts in communication, video, digital marketing and one of the country’s top technology developers, our expertise gives us unique insights into the challenges healthcare providers face balancing limited resources with increased demand for patient counseling…all while reinforcing brand loyalty.

By resolving the challenges inherent in healthcare’s ongoing evolution, Genius Video brings vision, understanding, clarity and action to the health industry today. 

It all comes down to improving health literacy.

At Genius Video, we believe that patients who are empowered with reliable and understandable information are better able to participate in care decisions and self-manage their health. This is particularly true with treatment adherence, which improves when patients can easily and conveniently access information about their procedures…which is why we are focused on creating an atmosphere where healthcare providers can actively engage patients.  Learn how it works →


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