Healthcare Providers

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15 minutes. That’s the average amount of time doctors spend with their patients in the United States. 15 minutes. During this short window, patients are often given information about life threatening conditions, possible causes, treatment options and all the possible outcomes.

Ineffective hand-off communication is recognized as a critical patient safety problem in health care — an estimated 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between caregivers during the care of patients. 

Research shows the majority of patients retain only 30 percent of the information they are told during this short window with their care givers. And they will often discard educational leaflets after leaving the care setting, leaving them wondering where to turn when they have questions regarding their condition, surgery or treatment plans.

Genius Video addresses this problem . . .

We provide on-demand human-to-human counseling and education in the place where 98 percent of people find most effective: text message.

Email open rates are rapidly declining. The average email open rate is 22%, and the average click through rate hovers just below 4%. That means, on average, only 4% of the patients contacted via email actually receive the message you are sending them about their health.

Genius Video's powerful video-to-text platform automatically sends video messages to support human to human contact when it counts the most.