How It Works

There are several ways to connect patients to Genius Video:


Video Text/SMS

Our game-changing platform seamlessly integrates with your (EHR/EMR) Electronic Health Records and systemically texts and emails custom branded videos directly to the patient, specially at critical points in the patient’s journey through the healthcare eco-system.

Discharge/Bedside Concierge

Genius Video integrates with EMR/EHR providing critical information to patients and caregivers as they leave the healthcare setting. Patients feel empowered with education and trust that their doctors and nurses are just a click away. Video content is also accessible on a tablet/iPad supporting bedside education activities.

Integrated Video Content

Genius Video can provide video content for your health system’s website, patient portal or other online services. In addition, Genius Video integrates with many in-room or bedside patient care and education systems.

Technology and Content

Enhancing education with optimal healthcare videos

The Genius Interactive Video Library provides optimal human-to-human automated information on thousands of procedures and protocols across multiple conditions.

  • Available in English and Spanish, videos are developed and produced by a team of Emmy Award winning communication and medical professionals with experience educating patients in both acute care and cosmetic/elective procedures.
  • They incorporate many of the key patient education talking points required to satisfy MACRA and MIPS guidelines.
  • Genius Videos also help organizations prepare for and satisfy public reporting requirements for Press Ganey scores.
  • Videos can be accessed on any smartphone, wearable, tablet or computer ensuring the right information reaches the right patient regardless of technology preferences or existing infrastructures.
  • Videos are produced based on the best practice guidelines as well as consumer medical information.  In addition, editors continuously evaluate new information from the American Medical Society, and update video content as appropriate. 

How do I get started?

Genius Video's web-based integration service enables seamless access to specific condition related videos with a simple click of a button within most EMR/EHR platforms.

Want to see Genius Video in action?